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How to Download Movies from iCloud?

download movies from icloud iconThanks to the iCloud lately released by Apple Inc. June 2011, you can share your purchased movies, songs, apps and more during your several Apple devices, like iPad, iPod, iPhone and more. You can collected the movies on iCloud. Well, do you know how to download movies from iCloud?

Next we will take downloading movies from iCloud to iPad as example, to show you how to download movies from iCloud to these Apple portable devices step by step.

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Guide: How to Download Movies from iCloud to iPad

Step 1: Connect Wi-Fi
Open your iPad and choose the "Settings" icon on the home screen, then connect iCloud to network via Wi-Fi as shown below.

connect wi-fi to download movies from icloud

Step 2: Login Apple ID
When the login page pop up, input your Apple account number and password, then select the type of movies you want to download.

Step 3: Download Movies from iCloud
Start to downloading music from iCloud by clicking the "Download" button to download music to your iPad from iCloud. If the button is grayed out and reads "Downloaded", then the movie is already on the devices you're using.

how to download movies from icloud

That's all the steps for downloading movies from icloud to iPad! It's totally the same as download music from iCloud, download iCloud apps to iPad, etc. You can try it by yourself right now and have fun!