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iCloud Photos Download

We have known that the iCloud will automatically store all of our photos and pictures, including the most recent photos snapped with your iPhone, iPod Touch and more. And you can easily view the iCloud photos on any other iOS devices. As soon as you take a photo, it’s uploaded to iCloud, but some users may be confused by how to download iCloud photos and pictures.

Next we will show you something about iCloud photos download (iCloud Pictures download is the same). Please follow the guide to learn how to download photos from iCloud.

Besides photos, you may also has lots of music file on iCloud, right? You can download iCloud music and then transfer iPhone to computer, so that you can share iPhone music with your friends freely.

Guide: iCloud Photos Download

Step 1: Before iCloud photos download, you need to connect iCloud to network via Wi-Fi first. Open your device and connect Wi-Fi network as you used to.

Step 2: Input your Apple account number and password. You will be able to view all the photos and pictures stored on the iCloud.

icloud photos download

Step 3: Select the objective photos (pictures) on the iCloud and then click the "Download" button to start downloading iCloud photos and pictures.

That's it! Now you have successfully downloaded iCloud photos to your devices, no matter what Apple devices, totally in the same way! So easy, is it? Just try it by yourself!

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